Office & Paper Organizing

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Are you having difficulty focusing on your work or sorting your papers?

I can help you create a clear and calm space with customized systems that ensure you can complete important tasks in a timely manner.

This service will benefit you if you:

  • Don’t have an efficient file system set up

  • Have miscellaneous piles of paper scattered throughout your office space

  • Are feeling overwhelmed by the clutter built up on your floor and surfaces

  • Keep buying new office supplies because you can’t remember where they’re stored

  • Want to work in a less stressful environment

I will get your office or home office in order by helping you organize & declutter your:

  • Desk

  • Papers

  • Drawers

  • Book shelves

  • Other shelves

  • Filing cabinets & more!

I’ve never met someone as detail-oriented as Malorie. Her meticulous approach ensures that nothing gets left behind, delivering exceptional results.

Thanks to Malorie’s organizing services, I can now work seamlessly, unhindered by trivial time-wasters such as lost files and awkwardly placed office supplies.

I was particularly impressed with her knowledge of ergonomics, which made my office space a lot more efficient and enjoyable to work in.

Malorie’s perfectionism and drive mean that she never balks at going the extra mile; her patient disposition and flexible methods make her clients feel valued.

Having conversed with her at length about her thoughts and organizing philosophy, I can attest to her passion, a quality that I seldom encounter in my day-to-day encounters with professionals.

For these reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend Malorie’s outstanding organizing services, which never fail to eliminate stressful clutter and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.
— Brad, A., Montreal (September, 2018)

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