About me

Early on, I learned the importance of only holding onto what's truly meaningful or practical. My mother, Lois Kaplan, is a Montreal professional organizer with 14 years of experience, and she inspired me to make good use of my possessions and enjoy their benefits from a young age. I habitually took the time to sort through all of my old school work, craft projects, and clothing at the end of each year.

Growing up in an organized home, I never had to waste time or energy finding anything because everything was stored in its appropriate place. If I ever needed extra school supplies, my passport, a beach towel, or salty snacks, I always knew exactly where to find them! Panicked searches for a first aid kit or important documents were non-existent. I didn’t have to worry about those issues, and neither should you or your family.

I’d love to help you experience the same satisfaction and relief I always felt after completing the organizational process.

Malorie Kohos, POC Trained Professional Organizer and the founder of On Point Organizing

Malorie Kohos, POC Trained Professional Organizer and the founder of On Point Organizing

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Education + Training


The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD): Level I Certificates of Study

I am continuing my education and training in the field by learning from ICD, and by keeping up to date with books and research on organizing and health challenges.

I received Level I Certificates of Study from ICD in:

  1. Chronic Disorganization

  2. Health Issues & Conditions & the Client Affected by CD

  3. ADHD


Professional Organizers in Canada (POC): Trained Professional Organizer Certificate

In May 2017, I became a member of POC, participated in the POC Trained Professional Organizer program, and passed its exam in June 2018. I attend monthly Montreal meetings, and work alongside several experienced organizers in the industry.

Concordia University: Communication Studies (major), Psychology (minor)

Prior to dedicating my time to On Point Organizing, I completed my bachelor’s degree and graduated with distinction. My previous work experience included customer service and working with Montreal children and teens with various developmental disabilities.



As a member of POC and subscriber of ICD, I adhere to their code of conduct and ethics.

Both non-profits’ principles include respecting client confidentiality.

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My goal as your personal organizer is to provide you with customized solutions that will calm your space and make it more functional for your lifestyle. I want to teach you the best ways to maintain your home or office to ensure that you can always find and easily access anything you need, exactly when you need it.


REPURPOSING & The Environment

Making environmentally friendly and ethical choices when sorting and discarding items is also very important to me. With your permission, I will make a strong effort to ensure that any cherished possessions you are ready to part with will be given a new home (i.e. to charities, recycling services, consignment stores, or your family/friends.)




I hope my patience, positivity, and meticulousness will make us a great match!

Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information.



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POC Member since 2017