Thank you to everyone who felt proud & comfortable sharing their progress!


Kitchen Organizing

  • Shelf inserts and stackable bins are affordable and simple solutions for maximizing your storage space.

  • Non-skid Lazy Susans (turntables) are my favourite organizing products! Their ability to quickly spin around ensures that you can reach any item that would otherwise get lost in the back of your pantry.

  • Labeling your shelves and bins makes it easy for anyone to find what they’re looking for because it also reminds them where to put things away after use. This can be especially helpful for kids/teenagers, guests, or someone struggling with cognitive difficulties.


Bedroom Decluttering

You may feel overwhelmed with work, school, or being a parent, causing clutter to quickly build up without the time or energy to tackle it. It’s important to start by decluttering all surfaces and floors to be able to properly clean the area and avoid breathing in unnecessary dust at night.


Closet Organizing

All items have been reorganized to ensure that clients can quickly find and easily access what they’re looking for!

  • Jeans and thicker sweaters have been neatly folded on shelves.

  • Other clothing has been hung and divided by type and color (i.e. work blouses, blazers, jackets, etc.).

  • Labels are now used to easily remember where to find and put back items.


Drawer Organizing

Clothing has been sorted, vertically folded, color-coded, and organized by type (i.e. tracksuits, leggings, solid tanks, t-shirts).

  • Folding your clothing vertically in a drawer makes it significantly easier to find & access what you’re looking for; it’s also an amazing way to maximize storage space.

  • Color-coding your clothing not only looks more aesthetic; it also saves you time when you need to create new outfits!

  • Categorizing your clothing can save you money on unnecessary purchases because you can visualize what you already own.


* Before and after images reveal the visual impact that organizing has on a space, but its long-term value is truly how the new systems make my clients’ daily lives easier.

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