Create your incredible stress-free space.


On Point Organizing offers personalized, professional organizing services to help you maintain a calm and productive living or working space.

Working with Malorie was extremely pleasant and made the organizational task at hand seem a lot less daunting.

She was efficient, decisive, and removed all the items to be donated immediately upon completion. My house was left immaculately clean!
— Andra, R., Côte-Saint-Luc, Montreal (September, 2018)
Malorie is great at what she does! This was my first time having someone help me organize my small bedroom, and I was really impressed. [...]

Malorie came with lots of supplies and new techniques that are still holding up today. If you want a professional organizer, I would highly recommend her.
— Chanelle, B., West Island, Montreal (November, 2018)
“Wow! Malorie did a fantastic job organizing my bathroom. My boyfriend and I just moved in together, and we were having a difficult time combining our products together and creating a system that is convenient for both of us. [...]

We are beyond happy with her service! She is positive, sweet, efficient, punctual, well prepared, and all around professional. We will definitely be calling her back in the near future!”
— Avigail, M., Ville Saint-Laurent, Montreal (December, 2018)
[...] Thanks to Malorie’s organizing services, I can now work seamlessly, unhindered by trivial time-wasters such as lost files and awkwardly placed office supplies.

I was particularly impressed with her knowledge of ergonomics, which made my office space a lot more efficient and enjoyable to work in.

Malorie’s perfectionism and drive mean that she never balks at going the extra mile; [...]

For these reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend Malorie’s outstanding organizing services, which never fail to eliminate stressful clutter and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.
— Brad, A., Montreal (September, 2018)

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