Home Organizing

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Is disorganization in your home creating frustration in your life?

I’d love to help make it easier for you to find and access anything you’re looking for.

I can organize, declutter, downsize, or unpack your:

I can also:

  1. Do any shopping required for organizational products on your behalf.

  2. Drop off any unwanted items at donation/recycling centers.

  3. Provide you with an action plan to follow that includes organizing tips and product suggestions (if you prefer to get organized on your own).

Malorie is great at what she does! This was my first time having someone help me organize my small bedroom, and I was really impressed. I never thought I could have space for more clothes or even have my room look so put together.

This was the first time in years that my room was actually capable of staying organized!!!

Malorie came with lots of supplies and new techniques that are still holding up today. If you want a professional organizer, I would highly recommend her.
— Chanelle B., West Island, Montreal (November, 2018)

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