Working with Malorie was extremely pleasant and made the organizational task at hand seem a lot less daunting.

She was efficient, decisive, and removed all the items to be donated immediately upon completion. My house was left immaculately clean!
— Andra, R., Côte-Saint-Luc, Montreal (September, 2018)
Malorie is great at what she does! This was my first time having someone help me organize my small bedroom, and I was really impressed. I never thought I could have space for more clothes or even have my room look so put together.

This was the first time in years that my room was actually capable of staying organized!!!

Malorie came with lots of supplies and new techniques that are still holding up today. If you want a professional organizer, I would highly recommend her.
— Chanelle, B., West Island, Montreal (November, 2018)
“Wow! Malorie did a fantastic job organizing my bathroom. My boyfriend and I just moved in together, and we were having a difficult time combining our products together and creating a system that is convenient for the both of us.

We didn’t know where to start…it was so bad that he couldn’t find his tooth brush that was buried in my hair and makeup products. It was at that moment that we decided that hiring Malorie was a necessity.

We are beyond happy with her service! She is positive, sweet, efficient, punctual, well prepared, and all around professional. We will definitely be calling her back in the near future!”
— Avigail, M., Ville Saint-Laurent, Montreal (December, 2018)
I’ve never met someone as detail-oriented as Malorie. Her meticulous approach ensures that nothing gets left behind, delivering exceptional results.

Thanks to Malorie’s organizing services, I can now work seamlessly, unhindered by trivial time-wasters such as lost files and awkwardly placed office supplies.

I was particularly impressed with her knowledge of ergonomics, which made my office space a lot more efficient and enjoyable to work in.

Malorie’s perfectionism and drive mean that she never balks at going the extra mile; her patient disposition and flexible methods make her clients feel valued.

Having conversed with her at length about her thoughts and organizing philosophy, I can attest to her passion, a quality that I seldom encounter in my day-to-day encounters with professionals.

For these reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend Malorie’s outstanding organizing services, which never fail to eliminate stressful clutter and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.
— Brad, A., Montreal (September, 2018)